Overview - What You See is What You Sew!

Pro-Q Designer is not a new concept, but it is a new product created from the tools and techniques perfected in a software package that has been serving users of automated quilting systems for over 4 years. Therefore, it is a mature, well tested product that is designed to fit the needs of quilters and quilting pattern designers from beginner to professional.

The interface was designed with usability in mind. Great care was taken to make sure buttons and features are clearly labelled and easy to find. Pro-Q Designer also maximizes the design (workspace) area while still giving easy access to all the tools and controls. Hotkeys and right click menus make it fast and easy to get access to common tasks, and a comprehensive help system featuring videos and links to online resources make it a snap to get the help you need quickly.

Pro-Q Designer supports the following systems and file types:

  • ABM AutoPilot - full PAT file support coming soon!
  • Compuquilter - reads CQP and CMD, writes CQP.
  • Intelliquilter - writes IQ compliant DXF files.
  • HQ Pro-Stitcher - reads HQF and TAP, writes HQF.
  • Machine Quilting Robot - reads and write MQR files.
  • PC Quilter - reads and writes TXT files.
  • QBot - reads and writes PLT files.
  • SideSaddle - reads and writes SSD files.
  • Statler Stitcher - reads and writes QLI files. (Shirley Stitcher and Quilt Motion use this format too) See note below.
  • DXF support - reads and writes. Supports 3-point arc and poly-line formats. In addition, it reads many unusual DXF formats including spline curves (NURBS).

NOTE: Pro-Q Designer now creates 3-point arc QLI files which are extremely smooth and detailed.

The features that users find most attractive and useful in Pro-Q Designer are:

  • Support for multiple file types.
  • Comprehensive, Interactive Help system with videos.
  • Printed Quick Start Manual plus PDF files available through the help system.
  • Thumbnail Viewer lets you see and select patterns easily.
  • Fast, easy digitizing using bitmaps or vector-based tools.
  • Design your layout using multiple patterns.
  • Visually interlock rows and clip edges of patterns to fit within your quilt.
  • Extract parts of patterns and recombine them to create new patterns.
  • Connect motifs or other elements to sew a continuous pattern.
  • Automatically create echos, paths around appliqué or embroidery, or shaped textures.
  • Create borders and corners that sew out all at once or individually.
  • Have "point by point" control over your pattern.
  • Ability to see your quilting on an image of your quilt.
  • Create templates for common quilt types.
  • Professional tools to calculate thread usage, measurements and statistics.

We invite you to look at the specific feature areas in the menu above to learn more!