New Features (current and coming soon)

Auto Stippler - Set for release January 15, 2013 - BETA now available for current users.

Coming soon to our WIZARDS tab is the Auto Stippler. It features 6 different types of stipples as "Finishing Touches" including two geometric versions, two rounded versions, and two bulges (puzzle-type). Path variations significantly modify the texture to create different effects.

Features include the ability to scale your stipple - from Micro to Meander, change the angle for special effects, offset the stipple from the edge of the path you are filling (no need to create echoes first), and re-generate the path of the stipple to create one that fits the look you want.

There are no issues filling very complex or multi-part objects depending the on the Stippling Density you select. Pro-Q Designer even understands when you have HOLES cut in objects, so stippling letters, or stippling around appliqué is now a snap!

Smart Clipping - Released in version 2.0.

If you need to fill a complex shape with special fill, or need to cut a hole in a favorite background pattern to sewn around applique, Pro-Q Designer's series of Smart Clipping Tools are the answer. Clip even handles multi-part objects and patterns with "holes" in them (like the letter A).

Clipping your background is easy! Simply place both patterns (the background and the clipping path) in the same pass. Select the clipping path and right click to CLIP with a variety of options.

If you want to be able to sew the patterns continuously, simply choose the Eliminate Jumps Wizard after clipping. Our Wizard chooses the most efficient path and minimizes overstitching. It will avoid jumps unless absolutely necessary - for example when you have multple pattern parts that don't connect. Many other products advertise clipping but overstitch areas many, many times - which is very unattrative and many result in thread breakage. Only Pro-Q Designer has the Smart Clipping Tools that produce award-winning results.

Improved Eliminate Jumps Wizard - Released in version 2.0.

A massive rewrite of this feature added Smart Overstitching technology and improved the way that individual pattern segments were connected.

In order for the Wizard to work hand in hand with Smart Clipping, it is now available on the Pass Menu on the main workspace as well as being available in the Pass (or Pattern) Editor. The Editor is still the best place to go if you want to modify your pattern slightly to control exactly where the Wizard places the connections.

The BEST news is that because of the superior "connection" features, manually editing pattern files to eliminate jumps is no longer necessary!

Some of the same features were added to out IMPORT engine. Many patterns that users import are NOT continuous because of the way they were assembled. Pro-Q Designer sorts through thousands of pattern points to find the BEST matches and re-assembles the pattern correctly!

Integrate Tools - Released in version 2.0.

The Integrate Tools are a mini-suite of 4 utilites that allow for quick creation of new continuously sewn patterns from smaller components, and allow advanced pathing variations. Many of these are automated and require no additional input from the user.

Integrate combines overstitching and lollipops (small connecting bridges) to assemble an almost unlimited number of objects in the same pass so that they sew contiuously. It even works when you are drawing! When finishing a drawing, you can now choose to integrate it rather than simply insert it in a pass.