Layout Features

The layout features of Pro-Q Designer give you the power to create complex quilting layouts and turn them into patterns that sew out seamlessly for your specific quilting robot (12 different file formats), or other system that allows use of supported system files or poly line DXF files.

Click on any of the thumbnails at the bottom of this page to view some of the interesting layouts AND details of the quilts associated with them. We will also have a video with an overview of the layout features that will be available shortly. You might also want to look at our Editing Features and Digitizing Features for more information.

Features of Pro-Q Designer's Layout Tools include:

  • Use Patterns from a variety of sources and view them in advance with the Thumbnail viewer.
  • Mix multiple patterns in "Passes" - whatever you can sew out in one pass of your sewing head.
  • Support for up to 99 Passes (or rows) of quilting on a single layout.
  • User configurable guidelines to assist with layout can be accurately placed or snapped to a grid..
  • Easy hotkey "panning" and mouse scroll "zoom" lets you zero in on important quilt details.
  • Light Table lets you add an image of your quilt or block in the background to make it easier to layout your Patterns and Passes.
  • Adjust your workspace - choose to work on a whole quilt, or just a block or border. Even supports "on point" layouts.
  • Automatically CLIP Passes/Patterns that sew over the edge of your quilt and choose overstitching or jumps (no sew lines). No more sewing over the edge! Even clip first and last rows of interlocking patterns for a true Edge to Edge finish.
  • Control the sewing order of your Patterns in a Pass.
  • Smart Repeat Passes to create fast layouts.
  • Create "macro patterns" by creating a collection in a pass then converting it to a pattern.
  • Move, rotate, resize or flip Patterns and Passes.
  • Resize Patterns and Passes by entering % values or measurements in inches.
  • Fit Passes or Patterns to your workspace area or Center them with a couple of mouse clicks. Choose from adjusting single Passes, all Passes or only horizontal or vertical Passes.
  • Align Patterns in single pass and Distribute them evenly between the outer motifs or the edges of your workspace. Best of all, the Patterns can be all different!
  • Quilt With Fonts! Automatically convert any True-Type font on your computer to a quilting pattern - even pictoral or symbol fonts (copyright restrictions may apply to some fonts - please observe them).
  • Combine different Patterns into a continuously sewn Pass by drawing lines or stipples in the background then using the Editor to connect them.
  • Build complex Patterns from "building blocks" - special pattern elements that fit together seamlessly.
  • Visually interlock rows of passes with no limitation as to stagger or offset - use drag and drop, or enter precise coordinates.
  • Create reference points (jumps or no sew lines) to assist in lining up patterns on your actual quilt. Whole cloth quilts can be a snap using this technique.
  • Clip areas around Appliqué or Embroidery from a Pass using your custom shape or another pattern. 25 simple shapes included from Munnich Design's Quilt Recipes.
  • Clip outside of custom shapes or patterns to create textured shapes. Perfect for art quilts!
  • Over 50 Light Table Templates included for popular quilt and block layouts to assist in simplifying the design process.
  • Special offset feature makes it easy to combine Passes into one, or break a large Pass into pieces.
  • Orientation feature makes it easy to visualize Vertical borders, but when the pattern is generated, it is saved as if the quilt was turned! You can also choose to layout your borders in "chunks" to facilitate sewing without turning.
  • Print Marking Guide generates Pass by Pass information including where your Patterns SHOULD start sewing from the lower left corner (particularly helpful if you float your quilt as it is always available to check on long arm robotics systems). Use it to mark a whole cloth quilt or as a reference to make sure your patterns are perfectly placed.
  • Print Overview generates a print out of your whole quilt including information on number of Passes, number of Jumps/No Sew Lines, and most importantly, the linear inches sewn. Use this info to estimate thread usage or bill customers.
  • Preview features included a Slow Redraw that shows you exactly how your Pattern or Pass will sew.
  • Print non-copyrighted patterns full size - Preview will tile the pattern over multiple sheets or as one piece on banner paper - to use as a template for placement.
  • Use our "Pattern Save" wizard to create patterns from all your individual passes at one time.

Here are some examples of screen captures of layouts. In some cases, we've also been able to include photos of the finished product! The files can be quite large, so please be patient as they load.

Miniature Wholecloth

Front of Quilt - 15" x 20"

Triangle Layout for
Tuscan Sun

Layout for
Crystal Star

Front of Quilt

Layout for
Appomatox Courthouse

Front of Quilt

Back Detail

Layout for
9 Patch Snowballs

Front of Quilt

Back of Quilt


Download our new Pro-Q Designer Layout Tool Overview - approx. 57.5 minutes, 119 Meg Download (circas 2007 - new videos coming soon)