Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pro-Q Designer open files that are encoded and locked to a specific user's robot?
No, we respect the copyright restrictions of the designer and encourage our customers to do the same.
How does Pro-Q Designer protect copyright?
Any pattern file that you create will automatically contain the copyright info that was embedded in the original files you created it from. Therefore, if you used designs from two different sources to create a new Pattern/Pass for your quilt, you would have both designer's copyright notices in your pattern file. We recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions of pattern use before you modify patterns from designers for your own use.
What is the Licensing for Pro-Q Designer?
Pro-Q Designer has reasonable licensing restrictions. In simple terms, because we use a dongle, you can install Pro-Q Designer on all the machines that you own and are the principle user of. However, you can only run the program on one machine at a time. A copy of our EULA (End Users Licensing Agreement) will be available online shortly.
How does Pro-Q Designer help designers of quilting patterns?
Pro-Q Designer can help you quickly digitize patterns and save them in multiple formats. More formats available means more business for you! We will never try to open files you have protected and licensed to a single user. Our program automatically embeds your copyright information in the proper format in each pattern file we write. Best of all, our program RETAINS copyright information from any of your patterns a user may try to modify, so your patterns are easy to identify.
Where are the Wizards in older versions of Pro-Q Designer?

Pro-Q Designer has already released a very convenient Wizard that allows you to save all your passes at once. If you have the MQR, it will also allow you to use that list to create a Script File for your whole quilt. Many things that we thought should be wizards are ending up being part of the regular program flow. Until mid-2008, we will be regularly posting updates that will contain, among other things, new wizards that will help make the program more powerful and easier to use.

The latest version of Pro-Q Designer has many new features on the Wizards tab. Be sure to check them out!