Editing Features

Pro-Q Designer give you point by point editing control over your Patterns and Passes and shows you EXACTLY how it is going to sew. In addition, our Pattern and Pass Editor boasts additional features such as the ability to automatically create echo quilting, wreathes, "snowflake" type motifs and much more. You can also extract parts of patterns to create totally new patterns. Editing is tightly tied with Layout, so you might also want to review the information on our Layout Features page.

Editing Features include:

  • Easy Access to editing - simply select your Pattern of Pass on the workspace area and right click and choose Edit Pattern or Pass from the drop down menu.
  • Pattern Editing also available for patterns displayed on the Add Patterns tab (do not have to be on workspace).
  • Rapidly create diamonds, half-motifs, quarter motifs, setting triangles and more from your regular motif patterns.
  • Reorder sewing of segments in Edit Mode using Quilt Sooner or Quilt Later.
  • Automatically generate Echo Quilting from almost any pattern - choose distance (.2" or greater) and number of echoes and click to generate.
  • Wreath function lets you choose a variety of options to create circular arrangements of objects.
  • Use the Wreath function with the origin (0,0) to create complex "snowflake" flake type motifs from simple objects.
  • Check overstitching point by point for perfect lines every time.
  • Simulate sewing using the Pattern Point Index or step through the pattern one point (or 10 points) at a time.
  • Use the tools on the Edit Jumps tab to eliminate jumps or "no sew" lines in complex objects or move jumps or "no sew" lines in closed patterns. You can even reverse sewing of the whole pattern, or just a segment of it!
  • Add Pause Points for color changes (Statler Stitcher only).
  • Add Pause Points and Move Points to control sewing (PC Quilter only).
  • Use AutoPAUSE to control detail, AutoSMOOTH to create smoother sewing curves and AutoTRIM to delete redundant points or points in straight lines. You can even Remove All Pauses when you are done. Apply changes to all of, or only the selected part of the pattern.
  • Skew your pattern to create special effects or to correct for problem areas on your quilt where you want more control!
  • Add extra jumps to emphasize a design or simply to outline it to test placement!
  • Move points one at a time to reshape a design, or select multiple points and move them all at once.
  • Add or delete patterns points to add more detail or trim an awkward area.
  • Extract parts of patterns by eliminating all the points you don't want to sew! Rotate, resize and add extra features to create a NEW continuous pattern or motif from specific pattern elements.
  • Create custom "terminators" - pattern parts that finish off a row neatly so you don't have to sew off the edge. Save these as new patterns to use again and again.
  • Create a custom end to ANY pass either before or after clipping.
  • Reorder sewing of segments for more efficient sewing.
  • NEW - RIGHT CLICK Edit Menu features a tool allows you to duplicate selected parts of a pattern, and rotate, flip or resize new or existing parts to built a new pattern from an existing one. 

Download our video on editing: Pro-Q Designer Editing Tool Overview - approx. 36.6 minutes, 82.6 Meg Download (circa 2007 - new videos coming soon).