Digitizing Features

Pro-Q Designer offers many different digitizing options. You can choose to work with bitmaps, trace images using Pro-Q Designer's Drawing & Tracing tool, or open DXF files in polyline or spline curve format (NURBS). In addition to digitizing, Pro-Q Designer offers you the ability to edit patterns and extract components you want combining them to make new patterns. You will find a link to a video dedicated to our digitizing features below, or on the Demos and Videos Download page.

DXF digitizing is "automatic". You need only open the file and check how it sews before you can save it in a variety of formats. However, many DXF files can be significantly improved by using our AutoTRIM, AutoPAUSE and AutoSMOOTH functions to remove redundant points. At all times you have precise control over point density! Make your curves smoother, and your tight turns more accurate. Best of all, you can create files in over a dozen machine quilting formats - ready to sew on these and many other systems. Finally Pro-Q Designer embeds comments and your copyright info in each of the file formats. It also retains copyright info from patterns you modify!

Drawing and Tracing Digitizing features include:

  • Light Table support - bring in a background image (supports dozens of image formats) to trace over.
  • Manipulate your Light Table image by resizing or moving it. Toggle it on and off at will.
  • Simple digitizing tool - just click around the outline of an object and manually trace it.
  • Easy editing - drag editing points to reshape, or insert new or delete existing points.
  • Change line thickness or color for better tracing visibility.
  • Save your tracing and light table image in the middle of your work and go back to finish it later.
  • Grid Snap support and straight line option make it easy to design custom crosshatching or other geometric patterns.
  • Zoom and pan to focus on digitizing details.
  • 8 Levels of Undo.
  • Pattern is "instantly" digitized and ready to save whenever you are finished drawing (Insert Pattern Into Pass) OR...
  • Use Pattern or Pass Editing for point by point control and manipulation before you save!
  • Save files in 12 different qulting robotics formats.

Bitmap Digitizing features include:

  • Easy digitizing from bitmaps with interactive help.
  • Automatic generation of bitmap outlines from silhouettes.
  • Automatic thinning of bitmaps.
  • Fast Zoom and Navigation box for focusing in on detail.
  • Simple to use clean-up and editing tools.
  • "Smart" error checking.
  • Easily control direction of stitching and have "perfect" overstitching.
  • Support for jumps (no sew lines).
  • Ability to save bitmaps after clean-up before digitizing is started.
  • Edit, trim and smooth your final pattern after digitizing for results that rival vector graphics patterns - no one will know you used a bitmap!
  • 8 Levels of Undo available.
  • Save files in 12 different quilting robotics formats.


Pro-Q Designer Digitizing Tool Overview - approx. 25.8 minutes, 57.8 Meg. (circa 2007 - new videos coming soon)