Little Known Facts About Pro-Q Designer and It's Team

Pro-Q Designer was created by Peter Wolsley and is owned by his company, Quilting Mouse Technologies in Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada. Peter and his wife Marilyn are both involved in quilting and it is Peter who actually quilts all of the tops! Peter is a retired engineer, and developing Pro-Q Designer has been the focus of his energies for many years.

The software is written with National Instrument's Labview which is a high-end programming package for running and monitoring instrumentation. It is used everywhere from steel mills to NASA, and is considered to be an industry standard for reliability. Labview executes very fast and supports complex mathematics, which makes it the perfect choice for creating a program for designing and laying out patterns for quilting robotics.

Ellen Munnich is a special consultant and tech support for Pro-Q Designer. She has over 12 years experience in digital design for quilting robotics and has written manuals and workbooks on the subject of quilting robotics and pattern design. She is the owner of and chief designer for one of the oldest and largest digital quilting pattern websites - Munnich Design's Quilt Recipes. Ellen provides general classes and certifies instructors in Pro-Q Designer. She is also the official spokesperson for the product and produces all the documentation and most of the videos.